Alat Parkir Murah! BARRIER GATE M-gate DC Motor Terbaru!

Rp12,500,000.00 Rp11,200,000.00


Brushless DC Motor Boom Barrier Gate / Parking Traffic Barrier / Boom Automatic Road Barrier


Features :

  • 0.8 second fastest action and 100% duty cycle operation with 5 million MTBF
  • Easy installation and maintenance reduces your labor cost
  • Heavy-duty and simple-design housing
  • System automatically self-checks operation status and reports errors
  • Sine lever drive mechanism ensures smooth landing of boom without shaking
  • Anti-collision protects boom arm and vehicle (optional)
  • Safety— Anti-hit by pressure resistance bounce
  • Safety— Anti-hit by Loop Detector (Optional)
  • Safety— Anti-hit by IR photocell (Optional)
  • Safety— Anti-hit by “Opening Priority”
  • Closing Priority
  • Automatically close after the given time
  • Automatically close or open by loop detector (Optional)
  • Manually control in case of no power
  • Boom open up fully or close down in case of power failure
  • Anti-condensation in cold climate
  • Transparent plastic covers on Control Board

Specifications :

Product name automatic boom barrier
Open/close time 1-6s depends on the arm length
Octagonal Arm 3-6m
Power Supply AC 220V±10%,50/60HZ
AC Motor 90W concreted decelerating torque motor
Controller Intel 80C51 MCU, 40 MHz,controlled silicon motor control
Remote distance >30M
RS 485 interface 9600bps, ASCII decimal encoded
Housing material 2mm cold-roller sheet
Housing Painting Automobile Painting, 5 years without rust,shedding and fading
IP level IP54
Housing size 345*310*1000mm
Package size 450*420*1200mm
G.W 60 KG
Operating temperature -25°c -70°c
Humidity 10%-95%


Characters : 

  • For security, the barrier will automatically go back when meet obstacles during closing.
  • Brushless DC motor is more powerful and no maintenance.
  • Beam can be chosen from 3 meters to 6 meters, and barrier closing time is also arranged from 1s to 6s.
  • The barrier can be installation both rightward and rightward.
  • All the operation process is soft without any noise and shaking.
  • Infrared photocell interface, Loop detector interface and IC system interface are reserved for the other functions.
  • Green light and red light are used inside for indication the position of the beam.
  • Manual release device to operate the barrier when power failure.
  • Barrier motor with die-casting aluminum alloy is high-hermetic and easy for heat dissipation.
  • Motor cooling fan to avoid the over-heating possibility.
  • Auto closing realization through menu setting on the control panel.
  • Wire control, remote control optional
  • Infrared protection (requires correlation infrared device)
  • Optional housing color: yellow, orange, white, red and blue etc.
  • Variable frequency controller automatically detects and optimizes boom moving, ensures


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